Friday, 17 October 2014

48 Hour Film Project 2014

Once again we took part in what was our 3rd attempt at the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project. Over the weekend between 10th - 12th October we wrote, filmed and edited our film which was submitted with some time to spare.

On the Friday night, by the luck of the draw, we pulled Dark Comedy from the hat. Comedy is not something I have felt particularly comfortable doing and so we opted once again for the Wild Card. After the wait and anticipation we were given "Period Piece".

Our Producer, the other John from Eromnim3, we left the venue in a somewhat state of shock. How do we do Period Piece? Well as it turns out we managed it to great effect.

So we started on the Friday night to write a short film set in 1941 Glasgow. The film called "Clyde & Prejudice" will be available to watch soon.

A New Updated Website

The new website is now up and running. The new site will integrate information as well as a blog of ongoing film productions.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email the Artistic Director:-